Recent Biohazard Before & After Photos

Carpet Removal

The before photo features heavily stained carpet and a chair from a pet who was left in the home alone for some time. Typically, animal feces and urine staining... READ MORE

Category 3 Water Damage

In the mitigation world, we consider Category 3 water highly contaminated and can result in death or serious illness if consumed by humans, as stated by IICRC. ... READ MORE

Biohazard Content Removal

Unfortunately, when accidents happen, we can't always protect our belongings. In this loss, we were called to remove some items that had been affected during a ... READ MORE

Sewage Back Up in Tacoma, WA

This was a Category 3 loss, which means the water was grossly contaminated. This was a sewage back up that came through the drains in the bathroom. As you can s... READ MORE