Fire Damage Photo Gallery

How to Prevent Home Fires

U.S. Fire departments respond to a home fire every 86 seconds! Home fires are 100% preventable. Follow these helpful tips to avoid a fire in your home. In case a fire does happen in your home, be sure to call SERVPRO of Tacoma at 253-896-3000, we will take care of you and your home. 

Fire Extinguisher Use During an Emergency

  1. The outside of the extinguisher is clean, and all parts are operable and not damaged or restricted.
  2. You have identified an escape, and the fire is not between you and the route. 
  3. You have alerted other occupants, and someone has called the fire department.
  4. You are safe from the toxic smoke produced by the fire. 
  5. The fire is contained to a single object, such as a wastebasket. 

The Fire Restoration Process

After the fire trucks leave, your home likely suffers from fire and smoke damage and extensive water damage from firefighting efforts. SERVPRO of Tacoma has the specialized fire restoration training needed to restore your home to pre-fire condition.

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House Fire

Fire damage, including smoke and soot, affects not only the structure of your house but also your belongings. SERVPRO of Tacoma understand your family’s furniture, clothing, keepsakes, and other belongings are the very things that make a house a home.

Hot Fire in Tacoma, WA

The kitchen fire caused so much heat it melted the blinds in the next room.  The homeowner was relieved at how quickly we arrived and how quickly we were able to clean the soot from the walls and ceiling.

Porch Fire in Vashon, Washington

Fire damage in your home can be stressful, overwhelming, and often times, out of your control. This was a porch fire caused by lightning on Vashon Island. The interior of the home had significant smoke and soot damage. The homeowner was pleased at how well we were able to restore the home to pre-loss conditions "Like it never even happened."